Ukraine Bukovel Ski Trail Map and Travel Guide

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You can download from here



The map from Bukovel was not helpful to me. So I used offline map on my iPhone. I made this map from my offline map and put the direction.

You can download from here


Main info (Click the link)
Bukovel Main website
Hotels on
Bukovel Online cam 24 hours
Bukovel weather
Check which lift you taken with your ski pass number

Lift info
– Lift 7 is for a practice slope
– There is no beginner slope from 1 lift to 7 lift. Only intermediate slope from 1 to 7 lift
– From Lift 2 to 7 is a bit uphill
– If you turn right from 7 lift before the building, you can go to lift 14
– You cannot go to lift 5 from 7,14,2 lift because of the uphill.
– You can go from Lift 11 to 15 or from 15 to 11. It is two- way

Other info
-A grocery in the resort is much expensive. If you go back 3 km, there are cheap grocery shops in a small village.
-You might rent ski in the hotel with the discount
-Spring snow could be helpful to practice on an intermediate or advanced slope.
-Smooth melting snow could be not helpful for a beginner



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