What Happens If Stay Longer Than 90 Days In Schengen Area (Europe)

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I could stay only 90 days in 180 days in Schengen Area in Europe. But actually I’ve stayed over 128 days at this time. I knew some other law that I could stay at some country each for three months such as Germany, Sweden, and Poland.



It was recommended to collect all the receipt to prove how long I stayed at those countries.
But actually it depended on the immigration. If he or she said that that law I wanted to insist is not important, but Schengen visa is prior, then I would be in trouble. So, most of traveler didn’t try to stay over 90 days although they passed on those countries.


By the way I did know some cases people stayed over 90 days.
– Korean business guy stays for 3 months in Paris and goes home for one month and comes back to Paris. He keeps doing it, but he never has the problem at Paris airport.
– Two Korean cyclists stayed over 90 days in Schengen Area, but they didn’t have problem to go out and even come back after a month at the border.
– Another Korean cyclist stayed over 90 days in Schengen Area and went to England, but he didn’t have any problem at all.
– I’ve stayed at Slovenian Immigration’s house in Slovenia. He told me it depends on Immigration. If the worker at the immigration is too strict, the worker would fine 500 Euros for the guy who overstayed for only one day. But if the worker is so flexible, it depends on the situation. He told me if the guy is so rude and arrogant, the worker would fine even for one day over stay. If the guy is so humble and polite, he would not fine even for 30 days overstay


So my conclusion is it depends on luck.

(Warning : It is your risk to stay over 90 days. I am not responsible for your risk. This posting is not the true info, but only just my experience.)

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