(Zimbabwe) It is less dangerous than what I expected.

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I’ve heard many things of Zimbabwe so that I’ve been worried about it. But it seems that people are generous.

There is a long line in Botswana that Zimbabwe people are waiting to get into Botswana. I am going to Zimbabwe that there is no line.
I need a visa go to go Zimbabwe, but I don’t need any paper. Only thing I need is 30$. A worker is too slow ever. I’ve heard that African takes long long long time to do anything. It seems it is true. I take the long time in the immigration.
Now I am in Zimbabwe.


I’ve heard that the rate of the unemployed is 90% in Zimbabwe. It seems that I can see more than 10% of people are working!


I don’t have much time, because I spent much time on the Immigration. It is 10 km (6 mi) to next town at the late after noon. I have much pain on my hip still.


I was introduced a police center by a traffic police officer.


There is deliverance on the tv. Wow. I’ve never seen that.


It is the photo of my host family. She gives me millipop and dinner much. African doesn’t use a fork or spoon that I should use my hands.


The next day I can see the temporary camp for worker beside the construction on the road.


I can see many typical African houses since I crossed the border. I was too afraid of Zimbabwe because of the rate of the unemployed. Unlike what I expected, people are generous and kind.


There is a big bug as much as my lens cap. What is it? It looks very strong.


During taking photo, I can hear the laugh of children. Oh they are watching at me.


The capital of Zimbabe is Harare, and the next biggest city is Bulawayo. As I arrive in Bulawayo, I go to the hardware store to fix screw which was stuck on my bike. They fire to my broken park and cold it. Then they screw broken part to take off. Awesome.


I get info of the hostel in Lonely planet that it is 4$ to set up tent. But when I arrive there, I find it is 10$ for camping! How old info did I see? It is not special camping place. Just beside the house that I ask discount. I get the place for 8$. It is my first time to spend money on the place since I came to Africa.


I arrived in the city early that I was looking for ATM. There are many banks, but it is not easy to find international ATM. I buy 15 L water for the next few days. It is so hard to carry to the hostel. What a heavy.


It is the beer of Zimbabwe. I’ve heard that there was extremely hyperinflation in the country. But it seems that things are not much expensive. I buy chips for one dollar and three-piece of chicken for three dollars, and a big sausage for one dollar. It is not bad.


The hostel is beside the club that it was hard to fall asleep. The next day the city is very quiet.


Yesterday at the afternoon it was very busy street.


Africa has the problem of a transportation that many people have to hitchhike. Of course, they have to pay to drivers. I’ve done this one during volunteering in a small village. On the late afternoon I go to the police station for the safe place for the night.


The next day I am going to the highway again.


Already there are many people.


I think Latin American and African start morning earlier than America and my country, Korea. I think because the sun goes up early.


Child is carrying something.


I can see many traditional houses where people live in.


It is very cold in the night, because it is almost the winter of Africa. But during the day, the sun is too strong. When I take the rest at the noon, I meet a local family. They speak the local language that I couldn’t communicate well with them. The child is holding chicken. I think they are going to sell it.


The road is very narrow to Victoria Falls. But there is a huge ship which is going to Vic Falls. I talk with the worker on the picture. “Where are you going?” He said. “Vic Fall” I said. “How does it take to time to there? We will go to there in three days.” He said. “Me, too. It will take three days as well for me. We can meet in Vic falls” I said.
They move very slowly. If there is a branch of big three, they have to stop and cut it. I saw the ship yesterday, and I meet them again today.


I arrive in the small village which is called Gwayi River.


I stay another night in the police station. It is very small town that the police station is also small. I set up my tent at the empty room. There is no running water.


There are three police officers. One of them, Joe on the picture, takes care of me. We carry buckets to get water from the next farm. It seems I am really in the Africa.


There is interesting thing on the farm. It is like a silo that they keep their corns on there to protect from bugs and moisture of the ground.


Joe told me that the safest place in the village is in the police station. But frankly speaking I was not comfortable, because there is no woman police officer. Every two hours I woke up and watched the time. ‘Oh, I have to sleep 6 hours more; 4 hours more; 2 hours more…then I thought why I must have been nervous every day? Why I put myself into a unsafe place?’
I was too serious. But the thing is I will wake up in the morning and see the sun. Then I will forget of it and cycle to the next destination. The sun makes me keep going.

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