(Zimbabwe) The ship is going to the mount, and I am also going to the mount.

I am cycling in Zimbabwe where I was afraid of. Can I reach to Victoria Falls?

As I start cycling at 6 am, I can see ceramics which I saw yesterday. But the thing is I can’t see any people. They didn’t bring those back and just went back home???


I meet the ship which I saw two days ago. It is my new partner!! We are going to the Mount!


I’ve seen the traffic sign of painted dog very often. What is this animal? It is called African wild dog or Lycaon pictus as well. I just heard that 3 years old child fell into the painted dogs’ cage at a zoo in the U.S and was killed. It means if I face many of them on the road, I can have a big problem. Fortunately (?) I never see them.


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There are people waiting bus around a crossroad.


4 bananas are one dollar. But the seller doesn’t have a change that I wait. During that time I talk with local people. The black fruit is very strange taste.


Every day there is up and down.


There are many baobab trees. I love this tree that it looks different from other tree. The left one on the last picture is a traditional African silo.


African people can carry anything on their head. It reminds me of old Korean age.


African domestic animal has the bell on their neck. When I hear of bell, I can guess there is the small village.


There were three children. The old guy stopped and talked with them. The youngest child got a lift at the back on his bike, and left of them run to follow. I am wondering that he who gave boy a ride is relative of child or just friendly people of the town.


Baobab tree and transmission tower; I saw many typical African houses during the day that I wanted to try to sleep at the traditional house. So, I pass a big town. But the next village is just too poor that there is no traditional house, but only brick house. Anyway I want to try to communicate with local people. Unfortunately people don’t give me the place to set up my tent. They tell me that I should go to the police station for my safety.


I have to go back to the big town and it is getting dark. Again I sleep in front of the police camp.


The next day I can see the sign of an elephant. I am so excited to see African elephant. But the thing is I can never see even poop of the elephant.


There are wild Kudus. I’ve never seen the kudu crossing the road.


There are a herd of buffalo on the road. Let me put it clear that there is the farm of buffalo beside the road.


There were many small villages for a few days on the road. But I can’t see anything today!!! I am tooooo hungry!!!!!!!! Oh!!! I even don’t have anything to eat. Around the noon, I see some small building. Actually it can be not called as a grocery, because I can’t buy anything to eat except a coca cola and a small snack. I buy two bottles of coca (1$) and five small snacks (1$). During eating I can hear the sound of children. I think there is school next to the building.


There is something that it seems monkeys. When a car is passing, they run to the shoulder of the road. But they come back to the main road again that it seems they are too smart as a monkey. As I close, I see that it is children who are coming back home from the school. I am so sad that they are on the dangerous road every day for the school. I think the transportation is the big problem in Africa. Although they have to walk a few kilometers to the school, they don’t give up going to school every day.


At the afternoon I find one small village that I decide to try to have a local food(1.5$). But the owner doesn’t give me a fork, but water to wash a hand. I have a weak stomachache that I ask her to have any stuff to eat. The white thing is mielie-pap which is made of corn. Actually it is called salsa(?) in Zimbabwe. The name of mielie-pap is in South Africa. When I eat very faster, she gives more soup of chicken and vegetable.


Black pots are traditional African thing.


She brought a chicken which was playing on the ground to the corner. I didn’t look at it, because it seemed she will kill it. After a few minutes she was back with a dead chicken and put it to the pot. After another few minutes another girl takes chicken out from a pot and pulls out feathers of chicken in front of me who am eating! Oh.. please..


After lunch I have another typical (?) African drinking (50 cent). It tastes weird that I will never try again.


From the morning there was hilly that it was hard to cycle. After lunch time, it is kind of flat road. Finally around 5 pm I arrive in Victoria Falls! Here is my partner, the ship as well! We arrive the same time! Yeah! I shake hands with the worker whom I talked a few days ago. I feel awesome that I made it to Victoria Falls!! I mean we made it to Victoria Falls!!
The ship went to the mount, and I also went to the mount. But we finally will go to the big river at the last.

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