(Zimbabwe-Zambia) To see the last one of the world’s great waterfalls

 There are 3 large waterfalls in the world; Niagara Falls in Canada and the U.S, Iguacu Falls in Brazil and Argentina and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Zambia. Here is the last falls I didn’t see yet, Victoria Falls!

The sign is in front of Zimbabwe’s park. Nile River is the longest! I am wondering how it will be to canoe from the north to the south on Nile!

Right now it is high water season. Yeah, I am lucky!? As you see photos, there is little water on November.


There are some animals in the park. The color of Monkey’s is sky blue. weird..




It takes a full stomach to appreciate even the best of scenery. I am too tired to go back to the town to have cheap food so that I just have it at the park of the restaurant. It looks so pretty, but a taste is nothing that I need salt and ketchup.


I can hear the sound of Vicfalls(Victoria Falls) from the entrance. The disappoint thing is they don’t give me a ticket but only a receipt! The fee of the entrance is 30$, but they don’t have any ticket of it! (I usually collect all of ticket I’ve been.)


The rainbow with Vicfalls


Too huge volume


It is main falls that I love to hear the sound of the water falling. It is just fantastic.


I can’t believe that I’ve seen all of three large waterfalls in the world. Wonderful!


I was wet when I toured at Iguassu Falls in Brazil and Argentina last year that this time I prepare an umbrella and a poncho. The umbrella is the best to protect camera during taking photos!
Here is one funny thing that I’ve never used the umbrella for one year and eight months, but I’ve still carried it! X) (Of course, there was rain, but I think most of time I stayed at the inside during raining.)


As I go far, I can’t see clear falls, because the spray obscures. I think May is not the best season. Maybe July is the best?


Anyway I love falls that the sound is so amazing.


There is a bungee jumping! I do love to try it, but it is incredibly expensive! It is my dream to do it one day. I’ve heard that Honk Kong has the highest bungee jumping in the world. If I have the chance, I will do it in Hong Kong.


It is like raining because of the spray of a waterfall.


I love Iguassu Falls and Victoria Falls that there are small roads for walking. Especially I like Victoria Falls’ that it is like walking on the jungle.
While going back to the place I stay, I see an elephant which is too far from the main road that it is hard to take the picture. I’ve heard that there are many wild animals around the falls.


========================The route of Zimbabwe ===========================

Days in Zimbabwe= 9 Days
Distance of cycling in Zimbabwe= 539.88 km (337.42 mi)
Cities in Zimbabwe= 6 Cities
Fig tree, Bulawayo, Lupane, Gwayi River, Hwange, Victoria Falls
Expenditure in Zimbabwe = $ 114.95 (Currency = USD)


======================Victoria Falls in Zambia =======================

The Zambia visa fee is 50$. I don’t need any paper that only thing I need for the visa is 50$. As crossing border, I can see the Zambezi River. But it seems dangerous, because if one swims on there, one can die on the Victoria Falls after some minutes. The white thing on the sky is not a cloud, but a spray.


It is 20$ for the entrance in Zambia. The park of Zambia side gives me the ticket.


I have to cross a bridge to see another side of a waterfall, but it is too slippery, windy and raining (spray).


Trees look very stronger that they stand waterfall.


I go to the park late afternoon to see waterfall with the sunset. The best times to take picture or to see scenery are the sunset and sunrise. I prefer sunset that I can feel warm of the earth.


Zambia’s Waterfall has amazing scenery as well.


The most amazing thing is that I feel like waterfall pulls me.


I think waterfall is like burning with youthful ardor.


Any people can reach closely before waterfall.


If I take a taxi with other people, it is cheaper. So, I take the taxi with other local people. They are talking about something that they say “It happens every year”. I am wondering what they are talking about. “What is going on?” I ask. “Have you seen one boy crying at the entrance? His sister fell into waterfall during bathing on river.” What a horrible story I’ve ever heard.
“She will be fine?” I ask. “No. It is not possible. She will be found after two or three days on the net in Zimbabwe.” “What? Net?” “Yes, the side of Zimbabwe has the net. It happens all the time not only to local people but also to tourists. They don’t think it is dangerous to reach the river. But you never know that there is always strong current flow.”
I am so sad. Oh… They say she is only 16 years old.


=====================Compare to the world’s other great waterfalls================
Niagara Falls
Height-51 Metres (167 Feet) Width-1,203 Metres (3,946 Feet), Average Volume 2,407 m3/s (85,002 ft3/s)
Iguassu Falls
Height-82 Metres (269 Feet) Width-2,700 Metres (8,858 Feet), Average Volume-1,746 m3/s (61,659 ft3/s)
Victoria Falls
Height-107 Metres (351 Feet) Width-1,737 Metres (5,698 Feet), Average Volume-1,100 m3/s (38,846 ft3/s)
In my personal ranking
Brazil Iguassu Falls > Argentina Iguassu Falls >> Zimbabwe Victoria Falls
> Zambia Victoria Falls > Canada Niagara Falls >> The U.S Niagara Falls
====================Compare by photos =======================


Brazil Iguassu Falls




Argentina Iguassu Falls


Zimbabwe Victoria Falls


Zambia Victoria Falls



Canada Niagara Falls



The U.S Niagara Falls



Niagara Falls from the bridge

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